About Us

The game has had its fair shares of ups and downs, but one thing has remained constant: the community and it's love for the game. The players, coaches, content creators and the events being created out of nothing are all rooted in a shared passion for the game of basketball, which the community wants to see flourish at the highest levels.

Over the years, the media coverage of our game has been centred heavily on highlight reels. Whilst this is important, what's missing is the coverage of the culture –– bringing the stories about those people who continue to not only keep the game alive, but also achieve great things within the game, to the forefront. In 2020, HOOPER was created for this purpose; to serve as an online publication focusing on British Basketball Culture. 

Since its birth, HOOPER has gained over 3000+ followers across social media platforms and continues its growth through our online content as well as our brand, FORTHEHOOPERS.