The Launch Of The British Basketball League Hall Of Fame

The Launch Of The British Basketball League HoF

The British Basketball League has been around since 1987, over 3 decades. During that time, many players have stepped into the league and accomplished great feats, but received not much more than a simple shoutout via whatever media platforms were available. Whilst many may not outwardly say it, every player who has done great things on the court year after year, would like to receive their flowers. For the majority, it's a huge part of the motivation behind wanting to be so good at the game. Getting that recognition has never been a thing before, but now, that's all about to change. 

The league have officially announced the launch of their Hall Of Fame, which will see its first set of inductees announced at the All Star game on March 17th. The categories for the Hall Of Fame consist of Men's Players, Women's players, coaches, officials and services to the league, with one being picked for each category for this year's induction. The selection committee consists of representatives across different areas of the professional game, including people from the men's league clubs, the women's league clubs, the league office and also the British Basketball Media. 

"So many have played a significant role in growing British Basketball throughout the years, so it's great to have a permanent feature for us to continually celebrate new members each year," said Aaron Radin, CEO of the league. 

Many notable players have come and gone through the league and unless you were there to witness it, their names left along with their on-court presence. Features such as this cement players names in the history books ensuring they can never be forgotten, giving future generations a chance to look back at the incredible things that have been done, be inspired by them and hopefully, pave a way of their own. 


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