Reading Rockets Announce Partnership With Buckinghamshire New University

Reading Rockets Announce New Partnership With Buckinghamshire New University

The Reading Rockets have recently announced a brand new partnership with BNU, Buckinghamshire New University.

They become one of the latest British Basketball clubs to form this type of partnership, one which is not uncommon to the game and has created professional pathways for many aspiring players. 

BNU already hold a high reputation for sports performance and this new partnership will help to bolster that as they aim to bring basketball to the forefront. For the Rockets, this partnership can give them much more reach - the opportunity to keep local academy students in the area as well as reach out to international university students who are looking to get involved in the game. 

“I have personally enjoyed working with the University on this project and have been incredibly impressed with the direction of travel that the staff are focussed on moving in," said Matt Johnson, a Director Of Coaching Trustee at the Reading Rockets. 

"This partnership gives many of our academy students the opportunity now to stay local and within the Rockets environment if they choose  and also gives us a university environment for students coming from all over England and abroad to be a part of the Rockets family too.”

The programme will start playing in National League's Division 3 whilst also competing in the BUCS programme, giving many players the chance to play a lot of basketball through training and competition. 

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