Bristol Flyers In New Partnership With Huboo Fulfilment For Next Season

Bristol Flyers In New Partnership With Huboo Fulfilment For Next Season

The Flyers along with Bristol Sport have announced that they as well as all five of Bristols sporting teams will be in a new principal partnership with e-commerce fulfilment company, Huboo. 

The Bristol-based business which was founded in 2017 will have its logo on the front of all five of Bristol's sporting jerseys in a strategic move that will promote the brand across multiple platforms and markets simultaneously as it continues to grow and expand. 

For the Flyers and for British Basketball Clubs in general, in times where exposure can be difficult to get, partnerships with local businesses such as this can be a huge boost for the overall exposure of the team by attracting more local fans and establishing an even greater presence in their community, an aspect which can more often than not be vital to the growth and sustainability of any professional sporting team. 

The Bristol Flyers fanbase have been a steady and on-going presence, with a seasonal attendance of 32,000 according to The Flyers themselves. Huboo in this partnerships hopes to not only help their own business grow but in combining forces with the Flyers and others, make the city of Bristol proud through their sporting potential. 

“Huboo’s core values are perfectly aligned with those of Bristol Sport’s and together we aim to raise the bar for what is possible with a partnership of this scale," said Martin Bysh, co-founder and CEO of Huboo. "It’s an exciting time for both Huboo and Bristol Sport. We have a shared vision of making Bristol proud.”


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