London's Got Game - Hennessy X NBA 2022

London's Got Game - Hennessy X NBA 2022

Hennessy in collaboration with the NBA created a basketball court in London unlike any other. The court was created and docked at the heart of the city, as it floated along the River Thames for a series of events which celebrated the growth of basketball culture in the London. 

On the 9th of June, upon the courts docking at Butler's Wharf, AJ Tracey performed live on-court via YouTube as he activated the 3-day collaboration event. 



Yesterdays events was where things really got active, as a 3x3 Tournament, 'London's Got Game' took place which featured some of the UK's most familiar faces within UK urban culture. The likes of Big Tobz, Youngs Teflon, Rimzee, Backroad Gee, D Double E, Ovie Soko and more were present. GRM Daily, NoSignal, Link Up TV were also represented amongst the 3x3 teams by some of the UK's most well known and prominent hoopers. Overseas pro and GB Athlete Dwayne Lautier-Oguneleye showed up and did his thing as he represented streetwear brand, Bonesoda. He was alongside Ben Lawson, GB overseas pro in Japan, Betty Mazzoleni, Jay Wittz and the would be MVP of the tournament, Taiwo Badmus. 



Today, the court was open to the public. Many were able to experience the floating court first hand, possibly whilst also having a glass of Henny in the other. 

Overall, the event truly showcased how much the culture of British Basketball is growing and the impact that the sport has had on the country, specifically in the nation's capital. The coming together of so many from the London's urban culture to basketball players of all levels, content creators and basketball enthusiasts is just an example of the community that has been built around this game and how much love there is for the sport. 

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