BallOut 3x3 Weekend

BallOut 3x3 Weekend

For those who've been around Finsbury Park this weekend and wondered what all the commotion was about, it was the biggest weekend for summer basketball in the UK. 

Ballout 3x3 for those who don't know is the UK's biggest 3x3 basketball tournament hosted in the different parts of the country as players from the UK battle it out to be crowned Ballout Champions. 

This year saw Ballout travel to a range of different locations where UK basketball talent is rapidly growing, including Manchester, Leicester, Essex, Leeds and more. The qualifiers which took place in each of those locations plus a London date all led up to the finals weekend which sent Finsbury Park into a 2 day frenzy. It saw a 15-year old by the name of Manie Joses take home the U18 Dunk Contest title, as well as game-tying buzzer beaters and an array of game-winners with a win by two rule in overtime. 






In a year which saw the sport of 3x3 turn into an official olympic sport, events like Ballout are not only an opportunity of those who love the game of basketball to witness the growing culture of basketball in the UK, but also to give them a chance at playing again at a high level and maybe even begin to compete in 3x3 on stages even bigger one day. 

For full highlights of the entire tournament including videos from the qualifiers all the way up until the finals weekend, be sure to check out pages such as The Hooper's Voice, Hoopsfix, Basketball England and of course, BallOut UK. If you're a hooper, make sure you get involved next year. It's an event not to be missed. 

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