The BBL Championship To Undergo New Format

The BBL Championship To Undergo New Format

The BBL Championship is the regular season of the British Basketball League, where each team plays each other 3 times. Those with the best record will take home the championship title, whilst the other 7 as well as the No. 1 seed will compete in the end of season playoffs. 

Next season, the BBL Championship will undergo a new format, where each team will play each other 4 times during the regular season instead of 3. 

This increases the number of games each of the 10 teams has to play in the regular season from 27, to 36. 

For a few teams, that number will be higher. The London Lions for example, who may be competing in Europe again next season. Not to mention those who advance into the latter stages of the BBL Playoffs, The BBL Cup and The BBL Trophy. 

Ultimately this means a lot more run time for the players. For the fans and British Basketball in general, this means plenty more opportunity to watch their favourite teams and players compete and could also even result in more viewership of the sport at its highest level here in the UK. 

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